Woollen Wonderland: New Wool Doorstops
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Woollen Wonderland: New Wool Doorstops

For a long time I have been looking to further develop my slouchy suede doorstops as they’re one of my best selling lines.

There are a lot of imitations out on the market made from plain and floral fabrics, but florals aren’t really in line with what Little Black Duck is all about. I was after something smart, comtemporary yet classic enough to fit in with a wide range of colour schemes and interior styles. I’ve been looking for what seems like an age for just the right fabric – you know when you have something specific in your mind’s eye but just can’t find it? Well, that was me. I’ve been on the hunt for forever, but finally I’ve tracked down just the right weave and here’s the finished article….

Hope you like it. There will be a pyramid version to follow as soon as I get another spare moment – next Wednesday perhaps.

Slouchy doorstops in wool, available now on my web site £35 (supplied filled) and Etsy $45US (supplied empty)

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