Wooohoooo! Trip to Hong Kong without the girls
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Wooohoooo! Trip to Hong Kong without the girls

Don’t let the woohoo totally fool you. I am very sad to be leaving the girls behind (sniff), but as I sit in the BA lounge, having just had a manicure, sitting on my own, waiting for a long haul business class flight (with a flat bed), I am pleased to be travelling solo. What a massive treat. I am one very lucky girl.

My mother in law has very kindly come to stay in our house for a few days to look after the girls. So so lovely of her.

It was very strange to leave the girls, but they love Granny and Charlotte was so looking forwards to her coming to stay. There was hardly a second glance when I dropped her off at nursery this morning!

See you all when I get back in a few days x

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