Work it Wednesday – 17th Feb 2010
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Work it Wednesday – 17th Feb 2010

I have officially re-named every Wednesday from here on in as ‘Work it Wednesday’.

Charlotte is at nursery  for a half day every Wednesday, so that gives me a good 4 and a bit hours in the morning and her afternoon nap should give me another hour or so, so it’s work work work it Wednesday.

I will however have to be very strict with myself and make sure that I only do things that I can in no way do when she is around. Things like sitting at the industrial sewing machine, cutting and glueing leathers, photography or joy oh joy accounts! No Facebook. No Flickr. No Etsy browsing. No catching up on other people’s blogs. No housework (what a shame!).

Today was a good one, I made a mountain of small suede storage bags in preparation for the launch of the Not On The High Spring catalogue. I have loads of them ready to go so I hope they sell well – keep your fingers crossed for me.

I also made the decision to start selling supplies through my own web site and my shop on Etsy. I started with a bit of photography and a few thoughts about copy and pricing. With a bit of luck I will get a range of supplies launched by the end of February (famous last words I hear you say!)

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  • I think that’s a very good idea; Working on stuff that you can’t with the little one around will help you cover a few bases 🙂
    It sounds like you got quite a bit done today!! Congrats!


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