Work it Wednesday
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Work it Wednesday

Paperwork, bills, paperwork and more bills! This past week I seem to have put off all of the dull tasks and have left them to do on Work it Wednesday. If can avoid it I’ll not do that again. Whilst getting lots of stuff out of the way it makes for quite a dull work day sat in front of spreadsheets.

I did however get around to sorting out the pictures for a new product….

Tulip print oilcloth frame purse with bright pink grosgrain lining, yours for just £10.

I also spent some time altering a pattern for a mini-kit that I am working on for a framed coin purse. I want to get the pattern 100% right so I’m spending time fiddling around with shapes and curves to get the finished product looking good.

The mini-kit will contain :
– a pattern
– full instructions
– a metal purse frame

All you would need to do it supply your own materials and a bit of time and effort!


A little feedback if you’ve got a moment. If you were to buy a mini kit such as this would you be interested in it also including a piece of grosgrain lining fabric in your choice of colour?

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