Work it Wednesday
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Work it Wednesday

Today I did my VAT return!

enough said?!?

I also spoke with Mum and Dad this morning as they had some good news to share. Mum entered her very first art exhibition over the Easter break. It’s run by the Port Macquarie Art Society and is in it’s 35th year. Mum has recently taken up her art again and is producing some really amazing work. to her credit she came in second place – Highly Commended!

Congratulations Mum, I’m so pleased for you! I can’t wait to see your art in the ‘flesh’ in a few weeks time x

I am gradually coaxing Mum into the world of shopping for fabulous handmade goods on-line. She has found the web site Made It and has discovered these wonderful handmade baby cot blankets from Cotton Wool Baby

I am so completely tempted to buy one, even though the little one will not be in her cot for that much longer.

After a false start last week, tonight I am off to stitch and bitch…patterns ready, stash of yarn in a bag, books stacked and I’m ready to go!

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