Work it Wednesday – Wash Out
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Work it Wednesday – Wash Out

Well, sadly yesterday was a bit of a wash out.

I have been suffering for a few days with a terribly sore throat so as the little one was at the nursery I thought I would take the opportunity to get to the doctor’s.

Now, there are two options, you can either ring for an afternoon appointment (but you’ll not get anything for the next three weeks) or you can turn up and queue for morning surgery that starts at 8:30am. So off to morning surgery for me. In reality this actually means standing outside the doctor’s from 7:50am to make sure that you get to see a doctor before 9:30am. I arrived what I thought was nice and early to find that I was 5th in the (unsheltered) queue….and it was snowing! All in all I got to see a doctor, left with some magic pills (which don’t actually seem to be doing anything yet…still feels like I’ve swallowed a golf ball covered with razor blades!) and was home for 9:45am.

I did get some paperwork done yesterday and did a bit of sewing, but I really am feeling off colour so took the opportunity to have a little sleep when the little one had her afternoon nap….I did feel a little guilty, but I guess I must have gotten over it as I drifted of for three quarters of an hour. Bliss.

My first ever attendance at a Stitch and Bitch was also supposed to be last night. Bah, I missed out as it’s not always nice to share. Maybe it will be on again in the not to distant future…..

I go to the gym three or four times a week and I was due to go this (Thursday) morning. As the little one was booked into the creche at the gym I thouhg, bugger it I’ll go anyway and sit in the cafe.


Slight pangs of guilt as I could hear the classes continuing on wihout me, but I really wasn’t up for a ‘normal’ day. I used the opportunity to get on with some sketching for a new product idea that I have had……

Putting pen to paper

I also started writing up some notes for a pattern for the dpn/crochet hook case I made the other weekend. So even though I still feel rough as old boots (and probably look fairly similar) I feel as though I haven’t wasted a couple of days.

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