Work it Wednesday
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Work it Wednesday

Each Wednesday I write myself a list of what I want to achieve along with how long it will take or how long I am allocating to the task. Yesterday started out well, but I quickly discovered that I’d put too much on my plate as things were taking much much longer than expected.

Rather unsurprisingly it was the preparation of my year end accounts that was the main culprit!

Work it Wednesday

As is normally the case I am behind with my paperwork and I am having to count back to my year end (which was the end of August last year!). I have managed to work everything out except for where I was with my leather and suede supplies. That is a job for the weekend I think.

I did also manage to get some more photography done of a few more supplies and some samples and seconds that I’ll be making available for sale in the not too distant future.

The most exciting part of the day however was ordering some fabric samples for a new product. With a bit of luck the fabric will be here in time for the next WIW

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