Yarn bowl
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Yarn bowl

I have been lusting after a yarn bowl for some time, you know, because I am such a professional knitter and all! I’m not sure I really ‘need’ one, it just sounds like a lovely thing to have and use.

I’m after something contemporary looking, clean lines and not too fussy. Here are some lovely ones that I have found so far….

Lamb Shaped Ceramic Yarn Bowl

Sheep Yarn bowl from Adrienne Speer

Yarn Bowls by Julie Knowles

Yarn Bowls from Julie Knowles Pottery

White Yarn Bowl, 'The Wooly', made by Bunny Safari

Yarn Bowl from Bunny Safari Pottery

Until I make my decision and finally get around to buying one (or receiving one for my birthday) I shall be using my PiP Studio pink ‘yoghurt’ bowl – lovely isn’t it?

I bought mine from ButterflyDaisy who also have a shop in my local town

What do you put your yarn in when you’re working on a project? Do you have a lovely yarn bowl? Do you maybe have a specific project bag? A posh paper bag? Or how about a scratty plastic bag full of holes? or like me you have several projects all on the go, each in a different bag (secretly most of my projects are in scratty plastic bags!) 

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  • I’ll admit it….scratty plastic bag! Lol, I’ve also been admiring yarn bowls at the various festivals around here. I’m thinking for now I will have to use a nice fabric bag until all the kids are past the ‘oops’ stage 😉

  • Hi, I hope you don’t mind my self promotion, but thought you may like to see some of my yarn bowls made from English timber by me in North Yorkshire. My page link is
    I hope you like them,

    • Those are some really lovely yarn bowls Jon


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