You know Christmas is coming when….
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You know Christmas is coming when….

For me, I know Christmas is coming when John Lewis launch their Christmas campaign, and today is that day!

Over the past few years they have made some wonderful Christmas television advertisements and this year is no different. It’s such a lovely story that has been animated by some of the people that have worked with Disney in the past (there’s quite a strong hint of Brother Bear to the brown bear in the ad) and damnit, they have written a book…I’m sure that will be added to my next John Lewis on-line purchase!

If you aren’t from the UK or have never come across John Lewis before, they are a fabulous department store chain with outlets scattered* across the country. The best bit about a John Lewis (other than the cafe) is their fabric, haberdashery and knitting departments (ok, that’s three things, but you get what I mean!). Check out this amazing example of fabric merchandising…
John Lewis fabric merchandising
I am finding that there are fewer and fewer places to buy good quality sewing and crafting materials so a trip to John Lewis is always a treat…even if I am browsing. I had a quick visit to a John Lewis last week and this is all I bought….
lots of thread
…seriously, the only thing I bought. You could call it restraint, but it was probably more a case of not enough time and too many offspring!
So, it’s official Christmas is on the way….what signals the start of Christmas preparations for you?
* please note, I am over an hour away from my nearest John Lewis store and I would like more of them please

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  • ooh I’ve been waiting for that! Thanks for the preview. Its my daughter’s birthday next week and that always signals the start of Christmas preparations for me as I know its then only 6 weeks to go. Better get cracking …

    • Sweet isn’t it. John Lewis are also selling bear and rabbit softies…we really don’t need any more soft toys in this house, but they are very cute! Hope your daughter has a fab birthday!

  • awwwwwwwwwwww!


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