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Book Review – Lovely Little Patchwork

One of the joys of being part of the Sewing Quarter is that I get to see and work from so many lovely sewing and crafting books.

Recently I had the opportunity to make a project from Lovely Little Patchwork by Kerri Horsley.

Little Red Riding Hood from Lovely Little Patchwork

For my Sewing Quarter show I made a sample of the rather delightful Little Red Riding Hood Doll on page 98.

Isn’t she totally adorable?

My two girls are completely in love with her and have declared that she is the best thing that I have ever made for the Sewing Quarter. High praise indeed! Unfortunately for my two the doll has now taken up residence at SQHQ with all of the other softies and quilts. I am sure she will be quite happy there!

If you fancy making a doll of your own you can watch the demonstration I did where I share with you a few tips and tricks. You can watch the show back on YouTube any time you like!

I’m not sure how you could resist her charm. She’s lovely and big, the perfect size for hugging. She also has a sweet little apron and a cape! For the demo that I did on the Sewing Quarter I made her cape reversible to give her two different looks. I really should have made her apron reversible too!

The doll that I made as a sample before the show uses some fab Tula Pink Tent Stripe for her arms and legs and a sweet ditsy style print from the Makower bijoux range.

Of course Little Red Riding Hood is not the only project in the book. You’ll find all sorts of projects using simple patchwork techniques, some foundation paper piecing and some hand stitching EPP projects.

I just love the little heart coasters, the EPP/applique Pencil Pouch and the Oh Deer Wall Quilt

I’ve only made the one project for the book (so wish I had more spare time in my life!) but the instructions were lovely and clear. There are lots of techniques covered in the book so if there’s anything new to you there’s a good guide to help you along the way.

The only point worth mentioning is that some of the templates in the back of the book need enlarging in size, so you’ll need access to a photocopier or have a local copy shop nearby.

Lovely Little Patchwork

If you like Kerri’s work pop over to her website Lovely Little Handmades. It’s not been updated for a while (she has 6 children!!), but there’s all sorts of inspiration and a few tutorials. You can also catch up with her on Instagram @SewDeerlyLoved


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