Brick Quilt Alternative Colourways
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Brick Quilt :: Alternative Colourways

I recently designed what I think is one of my favourite quilts ever! It’s super simple and straightforward it showcases fabrics beautifully and is perfect for everyone, even those starting out on their quilting journey!

The Blue Brick Quilt was pulled together for a Sewing Quarter show to showcase a new range of fabrics that they were bringing to air. There was no official pattern release for it so I wrote up a tutorial for the design I came up with.

If you’ve not seen my FREE tutorial for it you can check it out here!

Blue Brick Quilt on sofa

I am always so fascinated with how the same design can look so different with just a change of fabrics. It’s part of the joy of quilting don’t you think? You can take 100 quilters and get them to make the same quilte and you’ll end up with 100 totally different quilts.

As regularly happens, I fell down the Electric Quilt rabbit hole and spent some time (probably far too much time) playing around with some other colourways for the brick quilt.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the alternatioves I came up with!

Grey Sashing Brick Quilt

Amazing the difference it makes changing the sashing to grey, rather than white!

Red and Green Brick Quilt

By changing to a palette of reds and green for the sashing you can create something much more cozy. Perfect for the Autumn months!

Monochrome and Yellow Brick Quilt

Frequently I am drawn to monochrome quilts, love the simplicity, but am always tempted to add a big fat splash of colour! Too much?

Rainbow Brick Quilt

If however I had a massive stash of fabric (even more massive than I already do) then a multicoloured version would 100% be the way to go! Oooh, imagine if you had the full range of Kona Solids or all of the Makower Spectrum Solids……you could make an amazing quilt like this one! I am in love!

Inspired to make your own? Check out the FREE tutorial!

Blue Brick Quilt FREE Tutorial

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