Can you over-felt your knitting?
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Can you over-felt your knitting?

Well, the answer seems to be, why yes you can!

As you will see from my previous post, I was struggling with felting some yarn for the French Press slippers. I have changed my yarn for something 100% wool and have decided to try my hand at felting by hand.

I was searching around for some help on how to felt using a front loading washing machine and it seems that my machine will just not cut the mustard. I can increase the temperature but I can’t control any other part of the cycle. This, I suspect may be why I was failing with the first lot of yarn that I bought for this project.

Anyhow, whilst looking for some advice on felting I saw some tips for felting by hand with a plunger in a basin. So, last week I got out a bucket, a plunger and some Woollite and put the kettle on to boil.

To be honest at first I thought me and felting were not meant to go together as nothing seemed to be happening. eventually the fibres started to bond and I started to get somewhere – thank goodness for that!! So there I was plunging and scrubbing away, pleased with my progress, wondering in the back of my mind whether I could over do it at all. I stopped when I felt (no pun intended) that the piece was sufficiently felted. Here’s a felted and non felted piece….

Needless to say once I’d done with the felting I decided to consult the pattern notes, only to find that I had felted the piece too far and it was half an inch too short…damnit!

I have now knitted a new piece and the slippers are waiting for their official felting….wish me luck

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