Chevron Skirt with dyed elastic waistband
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Chevron Skirt with dyed elastic waistband

Last week I posted about dyeing my own elastic after I’d seen the post from Made by DanaWell, this week I have been using it to make a little skirt for Charlotte….

Pink Chevron Skirt

I’m pleased as punch with it. The dyed elastic looks so fab and much sweeter than plain old white elastic don’t you think?

I used one width of some chevron fabric I bought whilst in Australia and joined the two selvedges with a  french seam in homage to the Great British Sewing Bee!

Pink Chevron Skirt with french seams

I sewed a loop of the waist elastic, gathered the top of the skirt and joined the two together with a top stitch

I then made a small hem that I also top stitched in place. The slightly frustrating thing about this fabric is that the pattern is off grain…that is the chevron doesn’t run straight across the grain. I did cheat and trimmed a little off the edges so that I could get the pattern to run parallel and I could have a nice neat finish to the skirt…talk about picky!

Has the Great British Sewing Bee inspired you to do any sewing? I’d love to hear what you have been up to

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