Coming Soon: Felt Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern
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Coming Soon: Felt Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern

I’ve always had a Christmas stocking (well, for as long as I can remember anyway), have you?

Here’s mine….


I love the tradition of having a Christmas Stocking. I love the (sometimes endless) search for little thoughtful presents, sweeties and chocolate. I of course also love to receive a stocking full of lovely bits and pieces, but that’s not the point is it? (or is it?!) It all adds to the magic of Christmas!

I have designed a Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern so that you can make one for someone special, or even for yourself! I’ve made one each for the girls and they are so pleased with them. Charlotte did, however think it was funny to walk around with one on each foot!

Personalised Christmas Stocking

I am currently working on the pattern notes, but the pattern should be available in the next few days

Personalised Christmas Stocking

How are you getting on with your plans for Christmas? Have you done all of your shopping? Tree up? Decorations out? I’m well on my way to full blown Christmas Christmas Christmas!!!

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