Coming Soon: Doll and Teddy Sleeping Bag Sewing Pattern
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Coming Soon: Doll and Teddy Sleeping Bag Sewing Pattern

I have been working off and on on a Doll and Teddy Bear Sleeping Bag pattern for the best part of a year now. I must learn to focus and prioritize!

In the early part of last year there was a (soon to be) four year old that needed a Birthday present. This little girl completely loves her teddy but she was due to start school last September. I figured that her bear would need somewhere snug to sleep during the day whilst she was at school.

I therefore decided that a sleeping bag would be in order…’s the version I came up with, being modelled by Charlotte’s bear

Doll and Teddy Sleeping Bag Initial Design

Looks comfy doesn’t she?

I loved the design as there was plenty of room to fit in fat tummies and big feet but the construction was a little tricky in places (check out the corners and binding combo!). I really wanted to design a pattern that was relatively easy to explain and illustrate in a pattern, so over the course of many months I have worked on a couple of different designs, some with limited success including one that was eventually thrown across the room – tsk tsk!

Doll and Teddy Sleeping Bag Base Detail

Eventually I have come up with a great pattern that is indeed perfect for dolls and teddies alike, including teddies that have been sitting around watching daytime television and eating too much honey on toast (it’s what they do when you’re out of the house, honest!)

Here’s a little peek at the final design…..

Doll and Teddy Sleeping Bag Sewing Pattern

The pattern has been digitally drafted (in three sizes, no less), and I’m just working through the pattern notes making sure that everything makes sense. With a bit of luck and a following wind, the pattern will be available for you to buy very soon.

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  • Oh my this is so adorable!!! I love your craft!

  • I love your tutorials.

    Sonia cavalcanti

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