Daddy DIY: A-frame tent
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Daddy DIY: A-frame tent

When Dad comes to stay he always jokes that if he turns up and finds me waiting with a screwdriver in my hand, he’ll turn around and fly straight back to Australia! I am fairly handy, but I’m not that experienced when it comes to DIY so a little help from Dad is always a bonus.

I was relatively kind to him on his recent trip and there weren’t too many DIY jobs on the list for him to get through….well, he can’t just stay here for a month rent free!

The most exciting thing on the list this time around was making an indoor a-frame play tent for the girls.

We He based the structure on the plans from A Beautiful Mess. I wanted to be able to dismantle the tent yet still wanted it to be sturdy enough to withstand my two girls and their friends jumping all over, around and through it. As a result he made a few additions/adjustments along the way.

In order to make it easy to dismantle and reassemble….

….he drilled the large holes a little larger and added some drop bolts and washers to keep everything in place

The larger holes were going to mean that it wasn’t such a snug fit and more liable to fall flat on the floor…

…so he added these little pieces of wood at each end of the inside of the frame

So the whole thing was nice and sturdy…

….he levelled off the bits of timber that rested against the floor

Finally, to make it pretty…

….he curved the top corners of the frame. He also smoothed off all of the long edges on the timber so everything is nice and smooth

You may be wondering what I had to do with all of this, well I was in charge of the whole project sewing. I made the cover from a cut down Pip Studio fitted sheet that I purchased from a local discount store (bargain). I just whipped out the elastic and cut a long rectangle with some narrow hems on the long edges. I made a ‘sleeve’ at each short end to insert the dowel rods through.

There’s some fabric left so I may even make up a few little pillows

Now that we have he has built it, I think we would do a couple of things differently, but you know what it’s great just as it is. The girls really love it and I am sure that it will be a life saver on many a rainy day!

Thanks to Elsie and Emma from a Beautiful Mess for a great idea and tutorial

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