Elderflower cordial
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Elderflower cordial

Last year I almost made elderflower cordial. I say almost because, my friend Mrs T’s mother let me pick some elderflower from her farm, I found some citric acid at the local health food shop and was ready to go, until I realised that I didn’t have any lemons. For one reason or another by the time I got around to buying lemons the picked elderflower heads were long beyond their best.

As I am still (half) nursing the little on I am off alcohol for the time being. I don’t really miss the wine, although I do miss a Pimms on a really hot weekend! I must say though I do get bored of the options available when you are saying no to booze! I’m not a fan of standard fizzy drinks and plain old water can be just that, plain old water. Anyway we went on a rare trip to Waitrose the other day. Trips to Waitrose are rare because we always end up spending so much money when we are there. I’m not sure they are really that more expensive per say, but they have lots of other exciting products that we end up buying. One such product was Lorina Sicilian Lemonade. At £2.50 (ish) a bottle it’s not cheap in the world of soft drinks, but when you compare it to the price of a bottle of wine, then it’s really not that bad (good enough justification for me). The contents were delicious, so I shall be back for more at some point in the future. The bottle seemed too good to waste, hence the desire to fill them with something nice….so, elderflower cordial it is!!

I found this recipe online, which was easy enough to follow and the results are great. A little stronger than the stuff I normally buy, but that only means that it will last longer!

I must admit, I did also try to make some Elderflower fizz….sadly it all went  bit wrong. I left the concoction for several days to start to ferment, but it never started to foam on the top and just grew a lovely layer of mould. I couldn’t find white wine vinegar locally (who would have thought it would be so difficult to find?!?!) so used white balsamic vinegar instead….maybe that was my problem?

So, ‘fizz’ down the drain, perhaps another batch of cordial before the flowers pass their best?

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  • i have a completely fail-proof recipe for Elderflower Cordial, passed on to me by a fellow UK Etsyian – if you want it. I am drinking it right now. Might be nice to compare ?


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