Feature :: HoHoHo Applique Christmas Cushion
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Feature :: HoHoHo Applique Christmas Cushion

Christmas is on the way and like it or not it’s time to start thinking about getting out those Christmas decorations!

Back in October we were walking around the shops and Charlotte (who is 7) was complaining that there were so many Christmas things in the shops when Christmas was so far away. She really has a point, however when I got everything set up for this photo shoot both of the girls were begging me to leave the decorations out!
HoHoHo Christmas Cushion

So, this is my latest project for Love Sewing Magazine….an applique festive cushion! What do you think? You like?

The feature in Love Sewing includes templates for the lettering and instructions for cutting and sewing the applique. There are also instructions for inserting a lapped inset zipper. If you can’t get hold of a copy of the magazine then I also have a tutorial for an Inset Lapped zipper that you can use on any project.

HoHoHo Christmas Cushion detail

The fabric if you are interested is called Candy Cane Stripe by Michael Miller from Sparkly Fabric by Michael Miller and I purchased it from Sparkly Fabric.co.uk. Be warned though, those stripes are not at a 45 degree angle and were a bit of pain to try to match up!


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