Feature :: Nurse Dressing Up Apron, Love Sewing Issue 18
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Feature :: Nurse Dressing Up Apron, Love Sewing Issue 18

Issue 18 of Love Sewing Magazine featured another of my projects. This time around I took a man’s shirt from a charity shop and turned it into a dressing up Nurse’s Apron.
Love Sewing Issue 18 Nurse Apron

Here’s the shirt I started off with….

Charity Shop ShirtI hunted around the charity shops to find a plain coloured man’s shirt, as big as possible. The bigger the shirt the more there is to play with. The shirt I found was a 16″ collar which isn’t massive but there was plenty of fabric to play with.


The tutorial shows you how to cut up the shirt, how to make the straps and also includes the templates for the bodice and applique.

In case you are interested here’s the sketch I made when I had the idea many moons ago….an artist I shall not make! It’s not quite the design I went with in the end as I decided to go for something a little different with the straps.Nurse Apron initial sketch

If you are looking for other ideas on what you can do with a man’s shirt check out some of the links I have on my post from series 2 of the Great British Sewing Bee or check out my Great British Sewing Bee Pinterest board where there are some other great ideas.

p.s. do you recognise Teddy’s night shirt? I made it from the project in Love Sewing issue 2!

p.p.s. talking of the Great British Sewing Bee, applications are open until 8th November for series 4….what are you waiting for?


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