Foundation Paper Piecing Marathon
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Foundation Paper Piecing Marathon

I say marathon, but it was a marathon of my own making.

I decided well before Christmas that I wanted to make the girls something special for each of them. Whilst browsing the internet (as you do) I found a pattern for a foundation paper pieced My Little Pony block on a site called Fandom in Stitches. As Charlotte loves Rainbow Dash I thought it would make a great cushion for Charlotte’s room.

Rainbow Dash Collage

Progress was good and the piecing came together quite quickly. I then decided that Emily also needed a cushion. Well, you can’t make for one and not the other. She is really into Paw Patrol so I decided to make her a Skye cushion.

Again progress was good and the piecing went well (well, a few bumps along the way and a little bit missed out around the eye).

Paw Patrol Skye FPP progress

Then it all stopped. Christmas came along. Enough said? Might sound like a poor excuse, but every year Christmas seems to start far too early, yet December always zooms by so quickly and it catches me out every time!

The first part of the year has been full of family dramas and deadlines, but last week saw an opening in the diary, a lull if you like, so I finally got around to finishing the cushions! Go me!

I am so pleased with how Rainbow Dash turned out. I spent (probably far too much) time in a local quilting store considering which background fabric to use, but I think I made the right decision in the end.

I’m also really pleased with the colour of the piping on this one, it really helps to lift the design from the background fabric, don’t you think?

The girls love their cushions. Rainbow Dash has pride of place amongst the Rainbow Dash ‘curated collection’ in Charlotte’s bedroom and Emily is snuggling into Skye on her bed at night.

Happy Mummy 🙂


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  • These look amazing, & very time consuming! I’m glad to hear the girls love them


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