FREE :: Tutorial for Little Pillows
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FREE :: Tutorial for Little Pillows

Emily came rushing downstairs the other day….’Mum, let’s do some fun stuff!’

Apparently fun stuff was making some little cushions for her toys….who would have thought it!

So, here we go, a quick free tutorial for making some little pillows, you know, just in case you need to do some ‘fun stuff’

Mini Pillows Free Tutorial

Materials Required

:: Small pieces of fabric. Quilting cotton is great
:: Ric-rac
:: Co-ordinating thread

Equipment Needed

:: Rotary cutter, mat and ruler OR marking pen and scissors
:: Pins
:: Sewing machine
:: Hand sewing needle

Sewing Method

:: Cut 2 rectangles. I cut two 4″ x 8″ and two 4″ x 4″ as Emily wanted two pillows and I didn’t have enough ric-rac in the stash to make them any bigger!

Mini Pillows - cut fabric

:: Take one pillow piece, place right side up and pin ric-rac around the circumference, lining up the tops of the ric-rac wiggles with the raw edge of the fabric. Don’t turn the ric-rac too tightly around the corners or it will not sit nicely when you turn it through. Overlap the ric-rac where it meets and ensure raw edges of ric-rac are extending past the raw edge of the pillow.

Mini Pillow - pin ric-rac in place

:: Baste ric-rac in place about 1/8″ from the edge. I know, basting can be a pain and feel like an extra step, but you (and the ric-rac) will be all over the place if you don’t!

:: Place the second pillow piece right side up and position first pillow piece (the one with the ric-rac basted onto it) on top. Pin in place and sew around the outside edges, leaving a 1″- 2″ gap for turning through (gap depends on the size of your pillow and how much you like hand sewing!). Use the basting stitches as a guide and sew just inside this line.

Mini Pillow - sew circumference

:: Turn through to the right side, push out the corners and stuff to your preferred firmness.

Mini Pillow - turn it and stuff it

:: Hand stitch the opening closed with a ladder stitch.

Mini Pillows all done

Job done! One happy 4 year old and a comfy clan of soft toys!

Mini Pillows


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