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FREE Tutorial :: Love applique cushion/pillow cover

Did you see the free heart templates that I published last year and updated last week? It’s available as a free download for you to use in your crafting and sewing projects.

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I was having a think about other ways that my heart templates could be used. I have applique on the brain at the moment so I figured I would make a Valentine’s Day themed cushion.

Love applique pillow white

I have a few little feather filled cushion pads that I have left over from a product idea that I was testing out many many moons ago that never came to fruition. I figured that they would be put to good use in Charlotte and Emily’s bedrooms if they had some cute covers for them.

The cushion inserts measure 10″ x 14″ so the instructions that follow use these as the base. You could however alter the measurements easily to match a more ‘normal’ cushion insert

I couldn’t decide whether I liked the heart replacing the O or the V in the word LOVE, both looked good to me, so I shall leave that decision up to you!

Red Love Cushion Detail

LOVE Applique Cushion Cover

Materials Required

:: Small amounts of fabrics in 4 prints
:: Bondaweb/steam-a-seam
:: Cushion/pillow insert
:: Zip or button if required
:: Co-ordinating thread

Cut Fabrics…you will need to add seam allowances on all edges. I tend to use 1/2″ but use whatever you are most comfortable with…just make sure you add this measurement to all edges.

LOVE Cushion Layout

:: Centre rectangle: cut 1 x (10″ x 6″)
:: Outer  rectangles: cut 4 x (10″ x 2″). Decide whether you want to have just the one print around the four sides or whether you would prefer one print for the sides and another for the top and bottom sections
:: Letters and heart (see Applique section below)
:: Back of cushion (see Constructing Back of Cushion section below)


Copy the letters and heart onto your Bondaweb/Steam-a-seam*, making sure you reverse the L and the E. Apply the letters to the reverse of your chosen fabric and cut out.

Peel away the paper backing a position on the large rectangle that you cut out for the centre of the cushion and affix with an iron.

Stitch around the outside of the letters with a zig-zag or an edge stitch or some freehand embroidery…your choice!

Applique detail

Constructing the Front of the Cushion

Attach the two longer rectangles to the top and bottom of the appliqued centre section and press the seam away from the centre

Top and Bottom Sections

Attach the two remaining rectangles to each side of the centre section, pressing seam allowances towards the outside edge

Side Sections

The front of your cover is done!

Constructing the Back of the Cushion

Construct the back of the cover with your chosen fastening in mind. I used a lapped zipper but you could use an envelope closure, an invisible zipper or a button closure, whatever you feel most comfortable constructing. Just make sure that you cut your fabrics accordingly

Assembling the Cushion

If you have decided to insert a zip in the back of the cover make sure it is open before sewing the front to the back or you’ll not be able to turn it through to the right side!

Place the front and back of the cushion right sides together. Sew around the outside edge using your chosen seam allowance.

Fornt to Back

Press your seams flat and turn the cushion through to the right side, poking the corners out.

Insert your cushion pad and you are done!

Love applique pillow white angle

Best of luck with your sewing, let me know if you make your own cushion/pillow cover!

*Steam-a-seam is a little different to Bondaweb, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to which side of the product to trace the letters onto

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