I’ve lost a three year old
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I’ve lost a three year old

…well the equivalent of my three year old!

I’m not really one to blog about too much personal stuff. It’s not that I’m a private person but I’m just not sure that anyone would be that interested in what we get up to as a family. But I have a reason to celebrate so I am breaking with the norm!

So, back to that three year old that I’ve lost….. I weighed Charlotte (who is nearly three and a half) and she is now weighing in at 14.4kg. I weighed myself and I am now weighing in at 15kg less than I was this time last year – woohoo!!

I cannot believe that I was managing to walk around with all of that extra weight, and that was six weeks AFTER I’d had Emily. I was a lot (a lot, lot) heavier before I’d given birth :o)

No magic secret to my weight loss. Eating less and exercising a little more. I say a little as I wasn’t able to re-join the gym until Emily was a year old as the creche couldn’t look after baby babies. The closest I got to exercising was taking the dog for a walk whilst pushing two little ones in a double buggy up and down the local country lanes. So small changes and a really long time and I am a three year old lighter.

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  • Well done you!

  • I had a little one about three and half months ago, so I know exactly what you’re talking about! Well done!!!

    • I had to go to a big family event 8 weeks after giving birth and I look at pictures and I cringe. Good luck with the little one!


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