Kid’s Clothes Week: Project 3, a Peplum Bubble Dress
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Kid’s Clothes Week: Project 3, a Peplum Bubble Dress

My third project for Kid’s Clothes Week was a Peplum Bubble Dress for Emily

I had some fabric that I purchased in Spotlight, not on my last trip to Australia, but the one before. This fabric has therefore been in my stash for about three years. About time it was used, don’t you think?

Peplum Bubble Dress Fabric Detail

I found the Peplum Bubble dress sewing pattern on the Straight Grain blog (she also has a great tutorial for a bubble skirt)

Peplum Bubble Dress

The pattern was nice an easy to follow, especially for a free pattern!

Peplum Bubble Dress Binding Detail

I did however make one mistake….I had in my minds eye that the binding was going to be turned to the inside to act as a facing so I attached the zip a touch too low!

Peplum Bubble Dress Back detail

The plan is to make one for Charlotte too but her fabric needs washing first so it might be a project for the weekend

Are you sick of my posts about sewing clothes for my children (may even post about knitting next week!)? Sorry, just one more project to show you….a top I drafted myself 🙂

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