Kids Clothes Week :: Starting Out
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Kids Clothes Week :: Starting Out

I am taking part in Kids’ Clothes Week this week, so brace yourself for lots of sewing related posts from me in the next few days. I make no apology, I love sewing and I love sharing what I have made in the hope that it will inspire just one person out there to start making something for themselves.

I have been intending to make a school dress for Charlotte since she started back at the beginning of September and as usual life and work has done it’s level best to get in the way. Kids’ clothes week is just the push I needed to get some focus and get it done.

digital music box jumper sewing pattern

I bought the Oliver + S Music Box Jumper Dress pattern (yes, an actual paper sewing pattern) when I went to Guthrie & Ghani on my Birthday . I bought some grey fabric from my local Watson and Thornton a while back, gave it a wash and it’s been sitting in my workroom. I realise that grey is a rather less than exciting colour when it comes to the blog, but school is school in the UK, and grey it is. Just plain grey, no fancy coloured piping, no matter how much I want to do it!

I bought the fabric before I had a pattern in mind so I winged it a little and bought a metre and a half. Rather fortunately it has given me enough fabric to make both a Jumper Dress and a Schooldays skirt by Blank Slate Patterns…more on that to follow

Schoolday skirt by Blank Slate Patterns

I am sewing the dress and the skirt at the same time, but I am hoping that one of them will be done before too long

Also on the list for this week is a Bimaa sweater, but I’m not sure there will be enough time…we shall see

BIMAA Sweater

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