Britannia range from Lewis and Irene
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Lewis & Irene Britannia Quilt Designs

Lewis and Irene make rather delightful prints. Have you worked with them before? They’re a UK company with a small design team that create such wonderful fabric lines. Many of their designs are inspired by nature and the exciting travels of the design team!

One of their latest releases is the Britannia range, celebrating London and the Royal Family. There are five prints in the range, each in a several colourways. There are even metallic crowns!

The team at Sewing Quarter sent me away with a selection of fabrics from the Britannia range and asked me to come up with something simple that showed off the prints. Here are the selection of prints that I was given to work with.

There’s also a really super border print that features some iconic Royal imagery. Unsurprisingly this is the print that I selected for the centre of my quilt design.

No idea why the colour has gone all weird when I’ve loaded it onto this blog post, sorry!

Royal Britannia by Lewis and Irene

I always used to design my quilts with pencil and paper and there was always a fair amount of scribbling out, crossing through, punching of the keys on the calculator and the odd swear word. I now use EQ8 and the process is fairly similar, but there are less bits of paper, less swearing and I am overwhelmed with design choices. Overwhelmed in a good way, a great way. I seriously love EQ8!

Before I started work on the design I spent some time importing the fabrics I had to work with from the Lewis and Irene website so that I could easily work through some design option.

If you are an Electric Quilt user then make sure that you have joined the support group on facebook. There are lots of resources and everyone is super helpful if you have any questions.

I knew that I wanted to hero the border print in the middle of the quilt and treated it like a panel. The brief was to keep the design simple so I went for a series of borders and a pieced border made primarily from Half Square Triangles. Here’s what I came up with…..

Britannia Square Quilt

I’ll add a link to the Sewing Quarter episode here once the show has been on air.

Britannia Finished quilt at SQ

My grandmother used to say ‘just for fun and fancy to please old Nancy’. So, in her honour here are two other fabric placement layouts for you.

Quick note…these designs use different fabric quantities than those in the pattern that I designed for Sewing Quarter….these designs are just for fun!

Britannia Quilt in Blue
Britannia Quilt in Red

Thanks for dropping by, hope you like the designs!


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