Life without the internet
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Life without the internet

It may seem like I have been in Hong Kong forever, but the truth is that it was a few really brilliant but quick days. The reason for my absence is that I have been without internet for the past ten days. Yes ten whole days without the internet ladies and gentlemen!

No checking the dozens of blogs that I try to read, no blogging myself, no checking the weather, or booking flights for our holiday in the summer, or checking the dates of a conference my husband is going to in May, or skyping with Mum and Dad, oh and no paying bills online. It has been more than strange I can tell you.

It has been a fraught time that has involved long and drawn out conversations with my ISP that featured me unplugging/re-plugging things in switching them off and on and even unscrewing face plates from telephone points. I also had a BT engineer in the house for two hours whilst we tried to locate our master phone socket. He eventually found it in the attic, but not after I had scrambled through all of the corners of the box room (place for dumping everything from suitcases to Christmas decorations to spare beds and my stash of materials) and my workroom which currently looks much like the box room as I don’t spend enough time in there to keep it tidy….that’s my excuse anyway!! Eventually it was decided that it was our router that wasn’t working. What a waste of time hey?

Anyhow we now have a new router and needless to say as soon as it arrived I plugged it in and have gone straight back online!

I have missed the internet but conversations with a friend of mine Mrs T have made me think about how I use the internet. She has made, what I believe to be the brave decision of giving up the internet for Lent. Talking today to another friend of mine Mrs R, she has taken inspiration from this decision and as of today is giving up Facebook and Daily Mail online for Lent!

Whilst I’m not looking to give up the internet for any longer than I have already, not having access to it (3G coverage is fairly terrible where we live) does make you think about how much of your life it takes up. I have decided that I will try to not browse the internet in the same way that I used to. The computer is always on and I am drawn to it whenever there is a spare moment. I haven’t quite figured out how yet, but I shall be taking a much more structured approach to my ‘time wasting’ so that I spend my time in a more productive way!

Do you think you spend too much time online? How do you use the internet…is it throughout the day or do you set time aside for it? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts

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