Little Black Duck Roundup of 2013
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Little Black Duck Roundup of 2013

I got an email from wordpress the other day with a review of how my blog ‘performed’ over the last 12 months. It had a run down of my most popular posts, where my readers are coming from and who the top commenters were. All very interesting and it’s nice to have a proper look back at what’s what.

I’ve also seen a number of people posting a review of what they’ve been up to the past 12 months. It got me to thinking….what exactly have I been up to.


Considering the ‘spare’ time I have available I’ve done a relatively decent amount of sewing….although the majority (erm, maybe all) of it seems to have been for the girls. Some of the sewing was done under my own steam, and some was prompted by the Kids’ Clothes Week series

2013 Sewing

Top Rows: Sally Dress, Pink Chevron Skirt, Bubble Shorts, Bubble Dress
Middle Row: Music Box Jumper Dress, Bubble Dress, Blue Chevron Skirt, Sally Dress
Bottom: Schooldays skirt

New Sewing Patterns and Sewing Kits

2013 was my first full year of designing sewing patterns and pulling together sewing kits. Sometimes it feels like I am treading water, but when I look back at what I’ve managed to do I am pleased with the output. Maybe this year I’ll get even better at juggling a family and a business. Practice makes perfect!

2014 Sewing Patterns and Kits (1)

 Top Row: Woodland FriendsChristmas FriendsEaster Friends
Middle Row: Doll and Teddy Sleeping BagSewing KitsOwl Mini Bag
Bottom Row: Farmyard FriendsIndividual Finger Puppet PatternsHalloween Friends

FREE Tutorials and Templates

I’ve written a couple of free tutorials and published a few free templates for you to use in your crafting

2013 Tutorial Roundup

Clockwise from top left: Cutting felt using freezer paper, Strictly Scorecards, Fairy Bridge, Star Templates, Heart Templates, Matryoshka Finger Puppets

Pinned It, Tried It

In the latter part of the year I started a series called Pinned It, Tried It. I decided that I was spending too much time pinning and not enough making, so here’s my start on making just a small percentage of the projects that I pin

2014 Pinned It, Tried It

Clockwise from top left: Tooth Fairy Pillow, T-shirt painting, Superhero Outfit, Repairing Jeans


I manged to complete a massive four knitting projects. Poor attempt hey? I have two quite decent work in progress jumpers/sweaters that need finishing…maybe a job for January, or at least before the end of Winter!

Knitting 2013

Left to Right: Scalloped Hat and Wrist WarmersGiant Granny SquareCabled Mittens

So all in all, that’s a none to shabby year (in my opinion!) considering that there’s (not always so) normal life to deal with, Charlotte only started full time school in September and I had a manic Christmas to deal with. Overall I’m quite pleased

For many reasons I am looking forwards to what this year will bring….no promises!

Have you had a look back about what you got up to in 2013? Leave a comment here and I’ll pop by and have a look!

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Comments (4)

  • a great year! I love your little kits – they are wonderful!

    • Thanks Charlotte. Plans for a few more patterns and kits this year….

  • I think I need a lie down after reading how busy you’ve been. What a cracking year!

    • Thanks Ceri, I was a little surprised when I went through it all how much I managed…especially with two little ones around and a 4 week trip to Australia to see my parents!


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