Little Fabric House
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Little Fabric House

For my daughter’s 3rd birthday I decided to make her a little something and the moment I saw this little house I knew I had to make one….

Making the house didn’t take too long but deciding and designing what was going to go on the outside was a different matter! Just four outside walls and a garden yet so many options.

Here’s what I ended up with……

If you are thinking of making one (do it, it’s so cute!), have a look at the flickr group at what other people have made.

My daughter loves it and squashes in a tombliboo or some Fisher Price Little People. Perhaps I should make her some proper little people to live in it. Maybe Hillary Lang has something in her book, Wee Wonderfuls, I might have a flick through tonight before I get on with my knitting for Laura Long (one doll done, one about to go on the needles)

Comments (3)

  • I love the little Scottie dog. Tch, everyone really puts my boring version to shame.

  • this is the absolute best. I want one. What a lucky little girl, you’re a supermom!
    UK lass’s is not boring!

  • I have been looking for something similar to this online everywhere! is there a pattern that you used?


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