Little Knitted Skirt: Ta-dah!
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Little Knitted Skirt: Ta-dah!

Whilst it may seem that I have become obsessed with knitting my Roxborough Dolman with the luvinthemommyhood KAL, I have indeed been doing other things. Sadly this has mostly been looking after two little girls with tummy bugs. Luckily I think we have come to the end of a week stuck in the house….fingers crossed.

I managed to put down my Roxborough Dolman for approximately an hour (congratulations me) to finish off the little knitted skirt that I was making before Easter.

Little Knitted Skirt

It had a little wash and block the other week so it needed was the waistband sewing up and inserting some elastic. Seriously it only took an hour, so it’s a bit naughty that I didn’t take the time to get it done!

heart detail

As I hope with each new project I undertake, I pick up a new skill or stitch. This time around it was the bobble stitch. When Charlotte saw the heart taking shape she said to me ‘mummy, how did you make the dots?’…. thankfully they are really a lot easier to make than they look and are so effective and used in this way are oh so sweet!

Little Knitted Skirt Bobble Stitch Detail

Seeming as the weather is very much un-spring like I am sure that Charlotte will get plenty of wear from this little knitted skirt over the coming weeks

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  • That is an adorable skirt! I’ll have to look it up for when my daughter is a bit older. Love it.
    And hope the babies are all feeling better.

    • Thank you! We are all much better, thankfully. Do make the skirt, Charlotte has hardly taken it off this week!

  • Hi how can I download a copy of the pattern Little knitted skirt. Ta – dah – Victoria peat skirt please

    • Hi, my granddaughter saw this and wants me to make it for her, do you sell the pattern please

      Samantha Steele
    • como puedo ver el tutorial

      Aleyda suarez malca
  • I have 4 little granddaughters I would love to knit this skirt for. Could you tell me how I can obtain a copy of the pattern. Thank you

    Linda Welch
  • How can I get a copy of the pattern of the skirt ,as I have a great granddaughter in New Zealand that would love it .

    Johann Mackenzie
  • Nice work ! Can I get somewhere the pattern for the skirt ? For 1 – 1.5 year old ?
    Our granddaughter is now 7 months and I would like to make it for her.
    Thanks you


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