Little Red Riding Hood Cape: Ta-dah!
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Little Red Riding Hood Cape: Ta-dah!

Whilst it may seem that it has taken me an age to make the Little Red Riding Hood Cape from Little Things to Sew, I in fact finished is a really long time ago, I just hadn’t found the time to take some pictures.

The cape had been hanging patiently waiting for the following conditions for a photography session:

  • a three and a half (the half is suddenly very important) year old
  • the three and a half year old to be wearing something suitable (i.e. clean and vaguely matching)
  • the weather to be half decent
  • a one year old to be asleep or at the very least in a non clingy type mood
The other day was that day – hurrah!!

Little Red Riding Hood Cape

So here it is, Charlotte’s new (ish) Little Red Riding Hood Cape, perfect for the dressing up box or even every day use as she loves it so much.

Little Red Riding Hood Cape

I am so pleased I chose the Oliver+S pattern from the Little Things to Sew book that I have. I like the structure over the shoulders and the little holes for hands. The Hood also has a nice shape and stays on quite well which is always a bonus.

Little Red Riding Hood Cape: Hood Detail

I am also still pleased with the fabrics that I chose for the cape. I must say, in the past I have been known to make some fairly terrible fabric choices and have ended up with garments that really don’t drape or sit as well as they should ! These fabrics however were made for the job. I am so in love with the little ditsy print. Luckily (or slightly annoyingly depending on your view point) there is loads of it left so I will try to incorporate it into something else in the future.

Little Red Riding Hood Cape

Charlotte loves it but patience for a photo shoot is limited….

Little Red Riding hood Cape: Last one mummy

….last one mummy!!

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