Love is in the air…..
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Love is in the air…..

Have you used the free heart template that I posted about not long back? I have been using the heart template to make a few heart brooches.

Both brooches use the small and medium templates and a touch of hand sewing. Yes ladies (and gents?) I did some hand sewing! These days the only hand sewing I seem to do is sewing up my knitting projects, and even then there’s not a lot of that. It was actually very satisfying to do some hand sewing for a change and I hope you’ll agree, the results are quite sweet

Brooch number one features some fancy fabric and some contrast stitching in blue. The light blue looks good with the red, don’t you think?

Stitched Felt Heart

Brooch number two has been padded slightly, has a sweet little button and features a blanket stitch (oooh, get me!)

Padded Felt Heart with button

I made the hearts in a lazy morning (when I should have been doing something more important….my tax return!), so if you fancy having a go then you really don’t need a lot of skill, or time

If you are looking to buy some felt then look no further than the rather felt-tastic Kirsty at She has an amazing selection of colours available in both acrylic and wool felt (which is lush by the way)

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