Mini Mittens complete…and a last minute hat to match
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Mini Mittens complete…and a last minute hat to match

Here are the two pairs of mittens that I knitted as Christmas gifts for two very sweet little girls. The pattern came from Pickles and I just love how the brioche stitch looks in this yarn.

Two pairs of mini mittens. Pattern from Pickles

Each mitten took  about three hours to do, which when you think about it is quite a long time, don’t you think? I think I need to get quicker at knitting. For some reason I have in my head that continental knitting is quicker so that is on my list of things to learn this year!

When I had finished the mittens I was left with a fair amount of yarn, but I wasn’t sure whether there would be quite enough for a hat, so I checked the stash and found some light pink to make a stripy hat – perfect!

Stripy Hat from Debbie Bliss

Sadly my attempts at lining up my stripes when knitting in the round didn’t go as well as it has in the past. Very disappointing, but I am hoping the recipient, and her mum, didn’t mind too much.

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