Mini Ripple Blanket: who would have thought….
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Mini Ripple Blanket: who would have thought….

…that so much effort would be required for my mini-ripple blanket!

It occurred to me that as I only had a small-ish amount of yarn left over from my granny stripe blanket, that I needed to have a bit of a think about how the blanket was going to look. So, out with the scales!!

I weighed the stripe that I had already made. It was 7g. I then weighed all of the yarn I had left so I could work out how many stripes I could do. Is this sounding a bit tragic….?

Then out with the marker pens (any excuse to faff around with pens). I don’t have very much grey, only enough for three stripes so I had a mess around with placement of colour. I am sure many people would just go ahead and get on with it, but I’m a planning kind of girl and that just wouldn’t do!

I had enough yarn for 29 stripes  but decided to go with about 25. I’ll see how the mini ripple blanket develops as I go along.

I had forgotten how addictive the ripple pattern is. I can’t seem to put it down! I am also loving how well the colours go together, better in fact than they do on my granny stripe blanket!

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