Mini Ripple Blanket
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Mini Ripple Blanket

Since finishing my granny stripe blanket I have a fair amount of yarn left. Loads of the raspberry, a good amount of the other pinks and a little bit of grey. Small amounts of yarn are always a little tricky to use up so I’ve decided to make a little ripple blanket for a dolls bed!

I have used the instructions that Lucy of Attic 24 has on her blog. I had intended to make a blanket about 16 inches square but it is currently measuring about 22 inches wide…should I rip back, should I not….?

I’ve only done the first stripe so far, which seems to take forever, trying to get the hook through the right place in the chain, but I’m done now so it should be fairly swift progress from here on in. Just enough time for me to gain enough confidence to knit what I really want to, and that’s my Beatnik jumper!

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