My Little Pony Foundation Paper Pieced Cushion
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My Little Pony Foundation Paper Pieced Cushion

I’ve made the slightly crazy decision to make Charlotte (my eldest daughter) a Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Cushion for Christmas. A foundation paper pieced cushion. I must be totally mad. I’ve got so much on my plate at the moment and there are not enough secret sewing hours in the day, AND the pieces around the eyes look so so tiny!

My Little Pony

I’ve cut out the pattern sections and cracked open the felt tipped pens* to figure out which colour goes where. Does anyone else do this or is it just me? If I don’t colour in at least some of the sections I’ve got next to no chance of getting it right


Here are the fabrics I’m using, plus a bit of black and white for those pesky looking eyes. The larger peice at the bottom will be the background fabric and the back of the cushion.


I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll add piping to the cushion, and what colour it will be. Think I’ll wait till I’ve finished the piecing. Either way I can see some late nights in my future!

By the way, the pattern is available as a free download from Fandom in Stitches. There are lots of other free patterns too.

Wish me luck!

*textas, marker pens, sharpies….same same!


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