New fabric in the post
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New fabric in the post

I am late late late in starting my next sewing project. My sister in law is having a baby in two weeks time and I have decided to make a gift to celebrate the arrival of the little one. Considering that I am still at the fabric selection stage then I am rapidly running out of time!

I ordered some fabric from Seam Star and Fabric Rehab earlier in the week. The Seam Star fabric arrived the next day (Fabric rehab are on holiday this week), and it did so in such style!

We know that it is a little girl on the way, so this has made fabric selection a little easier. I am going for a pink, red and white pallet and here are some initial selections.

The red and pink spots by Keiki is completely perfect, the print with the animals by Alexander Henry is just so cute. I’m not totally sure about the suitability of the the Saffron Craig heart print, the colours are a bit too deep. I really love it though so it will have to find a new home in another project!

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