New Finger Puppet pattern
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New Finger Puppet pattern

Do you ever find yourself happily working on a project and then a new idea hits you and and you get thrown off course?

Well, last Friday I started working on a new finger puppet pattern and I spent several days working on the designs. They are coming along nicely and I’m almost done, just a few tweaks left.

This pattern has been something that has been floating around my head for some time and I’m quite excited about it (well, as excited as you should be about a sewing pattern). It’s slightly different to my other patterns and possibly even more cute! However, several days into the process I was floored by a completely different idea!

On Wednesday morning my daughter was doing a pretty fine job of reciting a poem from school, she inspired me with a completely new idea, it hit me and that was it. Wednesday I dropped everything and started work on a completely new pattern.

Designs are sketched, transferred to the laptop, first draft of the patterns have been digitized and today I have been cutting out felt to make samples.

Photo: Cutting out a new set of finger puppets. Love seeing the designs in my head coming alive

Over the weekend I will sew up the samples to work out the construction process and to make sure everything fits well together.

Hopefully next week I’ll have some pictures to show you, I can then move on to getting the pattern written up. I am one happy bunny.

Do you ever get floored by a new idea and get totally distracted? Am I just being impatient? Are you a completer/finisher or like me, do you hop from one project to the next?


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  • I’m normally a one sometimes two project person but since christmas I have been wanting to cast on a gazillion things at once. All socks too, definitely NOT like me.
    Can’t wait to see your new patterns.


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