New Winter coat for Charlotte: Burda 9501
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New Winter coat for Charlotte: Burda 9501

For the last two Winters Charlotte has been wearing  a fab coat that we bought her in the sale from No Added Sugar. She has finally grown out of it and it’s now Emily’s turn to have it….a bit sad to have hand-me-down clothes, but you know what it’s such a great coat, fantastic quality. Still not sure I could have brought myself to pay the original price for it though!

I’m on a bit of a sewing mission at the moment so I decided that I would make her a coat for this Winter. There are so many coats in the shops that are of the puffa variety, or are acrylic based and I wanted her to have something unique and nice to wear at the weekends (not sure she’ll be allowed to wear it to school)

I went into Watson and Thornton over the Summer to look for a pattern (figured I wouldn’t have time to draft one of my own) and buy some fabric. As soon as I mentioned what I was looking for I was dragged across the shop to be shown some gorgeous new wool that had just been delivered…it was even still in the protective plastic wrapping

It is a double faced wool and cashmere mix…grey with cream spots on one side and cream with grey spots on the other. It is completely lovely and just so soft


Even better still is this amazing selvedge


Stunning isn’t it! Sadly Charlotte is a little on the short side to make use of it in her coat (it’s 11″ deep) so I’m trying to figure out how I can put it to good use. Maybe an infinity scarf for me, a job for another time I think!

The pattern I have chosen is Burda 9501. It’s a nice classic design that I’m hoping will look good on Charlotte. If all goes well I may even make a lightweight coat for Emily for the Spring.

With a commercial pattern such as this I normally trace off the size I need and save the pattern for future possible use. The other day however I read an interesting tip about not tracing off patterns…have a read and see what you think. It came from the Collette Sewing Tips newsletter, Snippets

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