No presents please
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No presents please

No presents please. I get where they are coming from as they are a ‘well established’ couple but to turn up to a wedding empty handed just feels a little wrong.

This weekend (tomorrow in fact) we are going to a wedding. I’ve not been to a wedding in ages, and in actual fact I have been to very few weddings in my life. I am therefore really looking forwards to the day, especially as the sun seems to have come out!

So, what do you get a couple that don’t need anything…there was a temptation to get them something naff like a dolly crochet loo roll cover (really not their style)

or a classic but useless set of steak knives (she’s a vegetarian) or even better, that late 80s/early 90s classic, ¬†some eternal beau crockery ….oh the options are endless.

In the end we commissioned (sounds more fancy and complicated than it was) an illustration of their rather fabulous cottage from Letterfest. I hope they like it….


I am so looking forwards to the wedding, although I currently have an unwell 5 month old on my hands, so we shall have to wait and see what tomorrow brings!

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