Patchwork and quilting fraud
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Patchwork and quilting fraud

There are so many talented people out there that make fabulous quilts and I have quilt envy. I’ve never made a quilt before but quite fancy having a go. I have no formal training in quilt making, and apart from a rather fabulous Bernina, I really couldn’t claim to know what I am doing. Taking up a new skill is always appealing, but I have more than enough on my plate and with each new skill comes a shopping list as long as your arm (it doesn’t have to but any excuse for a bit of shopping).

I was therefore quite pleased to find this pre-printed patchwork fabric……

I feel like such a fraud, what a complete and utter cheat! But you know what, I am really pleased with how the quilt is coming along!

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  • OK, I absolutely LOVE that idea. I have never quilted but I think that is a superb little way in to he craft. have fun!


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