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Gallery :: PentaPinnie EPP Pincushion

So many of you have purchased the PentaPinnie pattern or a copy of the kit so I thought it would be great to have a gallery of images of some of your makes.

Some of the pictures shared here are samples that I have made and some are from customers that have shared their pictures wiht me.

I hope that these pictures have given you some inspiration!

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If you have made one tag me on the picture on instagram @victoriapeat or tag the picture with #pentapinnie, you could also just send it to me in an email. I’d really love to see them all!

Jennifer Dirkin PentaPinnie
Liberty Seasons Greetings PentaPinnie
Louise Stennett PentaPinnie
PentaPinnie by Ellen Saunders
Tilda PentaPinnie
Katryne Dore Harry Potter PentaPinnie
PentaPinnie by Jennifer Lange @justplanejen
Lewis and Irene PentaPinnie
Fran Ball PentaPinnie
Teri VanWell PentaPinnie

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PentaPinnie Gallery of Makes

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