Pinned It, Tried It :: Tooth Fairy Pillow
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Pinned It, Tried It :: Tooth Fairy Pillow

Charlotte has a wobbly tooth, in fact she has two wobbly teeth. By co-incidence I saw a picture on pinterest the other day for a tooth shaped Tooth Fairy Pillow. Despite being busy with work and Christmas orders I decided to whip one up….well, you just don’t know when that first tooth is going to fall out!

Tooth Fairy Pillow tutorial from mmmcrafts

I bought some white fleece from my local fabric store when I was there on Saturday stocking up on few essentials. I roughly sketched out some wings and a crown and cut them out of felt that I had in my stash. The sparkly ribbon was also from the stash…no idea where it came from but it was the perfect choice

Tooth Fairy Pillow Front

I then embroidered on some (slightly wonky) closed eyes and eyelashes and sewed on a pair of rosy pink felt cheeks

The Tooth Fairy Pillow tutorial from mmmcrafts was really great, well drawn and with great instructions. The only material change I made was to move the positioning of the slit for turning so that I could position a pocket on the back to hide the stitching

Tooth Fairy Pillow Pocket Detail

Charlotte is completely over the moon with her Tooth Fairy Pillow and can’t wait for her first tooth to fall out!

 Have you Pinned and Tried anything recently?

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Comments (4)

  • Lovely, lovely! Love the closed eyes! Super cute.

  • Oh that is gorgeous! Tooth fairy pillows are a great idea. We just have a basic shop-bought one but it has been worth its weight in gold. It certainly makes the tooth fairy’s job a heck of a lot easier when she’s scrabbling about in the dark looking for a tiny tooth! 😉 Our tooth fairy, by the way, is called Pearl Sparklewhite and she leaves a teeny tiny letter in the pillow after she’s been. Its always a moment of high excitement when a letter and coin is found next morning!

  • Great job! Yours looks so girly and perfect 😀

  • Linda, sua fada dos dentes!!! Os olhinhos e as asas são um charme!!!!
    Parabéns e obrigada por mostrar sua fadinha.


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