Planning and doing
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Planning and doing

As I see it we are officially one week into the New Year. It’s a time for reflection and planning, well at least that’s how it seems with everyone I’ve spoken to this week.

At lot of my crafty friends however, are finding themselves in a slump or a state of confusion as to where to go next creatively.

As for me, I know completely where I want to go but seem to have too many ideas floating around my head and I am working on too many things at the same time. I am writing lesson plans for two new sewing classes that I am running over the next couple of months, writing a tutorial….

Insert Lapped Zipper Tutorial Coming Soon

….making some Valentines’ Day related projects….

Photo: If you were to replace one of the letters in the word LOVE with heart, would you replace the o or the v?

…and generally running around after the girls. I need to focus, focus, focus!

Melissa at Melly Sews posted the other day about planning for blogging and has a link to a great printable planner and organiser. It’s quite similar to how I plan my crafting, sewing and blogging, just a bit more organised and professional looking (i.e. not scrawled on pieces of paper floating about my desk!)

How are you getting on with becoming organised for the year ahead?

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  • Sounds like me. Too many ideas? – Check. Working on too many things at the same time? – Check.

    I want to spend some time this week just thinking and planning and trying to be a bit more focused and strategic about things. Trying to take a step back and take an overview rather than getting bogged down in the detail.

    The planner you link too looks like it might help, but I need to watch out for Shiny-New-Stationery Syndrome…


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