SAD (seasonal affective disorder) also known as an excuse for shopping
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SAD (seasonal affective disorder) also known as an excuse for shopping

You know what, I honestly think that I suffer from a little touch of SAD. I really hate the gloomy weather and the dark mornings and evenings. Maybe it is something to do with growing up in Australia, I am perhaps not built for the British winter. I really do struggle at this time of year when the clocks are about to change and the evenings all of a sudden get so dark, however my husband thinks it’s a little funny and likes to wind me up about it!

So when I found the artwork by Caroline Rose, it made me smile a lot Her artwork is just so bright and colourful. I just knew that having a print of hers in the kitchen would bring a little light onto the dark and gloomy days to come!

Since having our kitchen and dining room ripped out and replaced this time last year (where has the time gone!) there has been a little space in ‘my corner’ (the place where I keep the laptop and all of my bits and pieces, you know, lipsticks, pens, mobile phone etc etc) on the wall that has been crying out for a picture. I picked up a sweet frame from IKEA a few weeks ago and all I needed was a picture to put into it. I have no idea how I found Caroline Rose, it must have been a link on a blog somewhere or through flickr, but I am so glad that I did. The print I chose was ‘She Grows Flowers’ and it looks great on the wall!!

Caroline has a lovely blog too, so pop by and have a read

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  • I wrote a similar post to this on my last blog post. I feel exactly the same, you are not alone. Im now taking Vitamin D tablets to help with the fatigue and my mood and it already seems to be helping. We too had our kitchen ripped out (in the summer) and have just bought a painting for it, perhaps I will put it on my blog too 🙂

  • Ah, you see I’m the opposite: having grown up with the British winter I get all grouchy this time of year because California doesn’t have the pretty Autumn and those lovely cold days when it almost hurts to take a breath…


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