Sally Dresses All Sewn Up
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Sally Dresses All Sewn Up

I am so pleased that I can finally share with you the Sally dresses that I made as part of the testing that I did for Shannon of luvinthemommyhood fame

In this household I can’t make something for one, without making for the other, especially when it comes to dresses! I am such a sucker, and love to see the girls wearing something that I have made for them. So, two dresses it was…

First up was Charlotte’s dress, the size I was actually testing for Shannon. The dress for Charlotte was made with some fabric from my stash that I think I picked up a few years ago in Spotlight in Australia

Sally Dress Charlotte FrontThe Sally dress is a rally fab pattern and the dress doesn’t take long to make. I love the shoulder detail and the fully lined bodice, and of course, Charlotte loves the cavernous pockets!

Sally Dress Charlotte Pocket

Charlotte loves how she can take it off on her own without any help or fuss as the Sally dress has been designed without any tricky zips or buttons. But best of all, Charlotte loves how it twirls!Sally Dress Charlotte Twirl

So, I have a question for you….When is a dress not a dress?

Sally Dress for Emily Shoulder Detail

Well, in the case of Emily a dress is not a dress if it’s not a Pretty Dress. I’m not totally sure what the definition is of a Pretty Dress, but I think it has something to do with a full skirt and a pretty pattern. Emily is such a ready to go rough and tumble kind of girl, but she just loves to wear dresses. Skirts and tops are just not good enough and as for trousers and jeans…pah!

Sally Dress for Emily Pocket Detail

Dresses have to be Pretty Dresses and thankfully the Sally dress seems to fit the bill! Sally Dress for Emily Front Detail

Emily also love the twirliness of the Sally dress and the large pockets, she can fit all sorts in there…including stones from the garden…told you she was a bit rough and tumble.Sally Dress for Emily

The fabric I used for Emily’s dress is called Fiesta and came from my local fabric store Watson and Thornton. They are so friendly and helpful in there, I am lucky to have such a great shop nearby.

The Sally dress comes in three different styles. I chose the sleeveless version to make, but there is a version with short sleeves and a version with 3/4 length sleeves. If time allows I will be making Emily a Sally dress with short sleeves in some really sweet printed needle cord that I have.

If you fancy making a Sally dress of your own, or more likely one for a little girl (the pattern comes in sizes 2-8), then you can buy and download yourself a copy from Shannon via Very Shannon or Etsy

This pattern comes highly recommended by me! Have fun sewing

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  • Both are very cute! I love the twirly-ness!

  • I love them…isn’t it such a great pattern? And those balloons, my daughter would be elated getting to play with so many balloons (it’s the simple things, right).

    • The balloons came from Great Grandad Joe’s 100th birthday!! All the children played with them for hours…and not a single one floated off into the sky!

  • I love your description of the pockets as “cavernous”! I agree and my girls like to cram stuff into them as well… Great versions, I love your fabrics!


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