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Sew Before Social :: start your day creating, not consuming

I read an article on The Craft Industry Alliance Blog a while back about starting your day with creating rather than consuming. That is, spend time creating something (anything) before you spend time consuming social media.

I realised that I do indeed spend half an hour every morning whilst lying in bed/waking up scrolling through facebook, instagram and email. Seriously, that’s nearly 3 hours a week totally wasted!

So I have started my own initiative called

Sew Before Social

Every day without fail* I have decided to get myself out of bed when the alarm goes off and go down into my studio and get on with some making.

Sew Before Social

My aim initially is to focus on some of the abandoned projects I unearthed when I tidied my studio over the Christmas break. I figure little by little I will get through all sorts of projects on my list, projects that run the risk of never being finished, all in the time I would normally waste looking at ‘stuff’ online!

I am sharing some of my progress in my facebook group  Little Black Duck: In the Sewing Room and on instagram using #sewbeforesocial

What do you think? Fancy joining me with Sew Before Social?

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*ok, as many mornings as I can, I’m only human

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