Sewing in the Sunshine
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Sewing in the Sunshine

Today I was supposed to be finalising the pattern for a new finger puppet that I have been working on….

Mouse Finger Puppet Sewing Pattern

…can you tell what it is? Not too difficult to work it out is it? especially as I’ve updated my blog header! I think I just like the rear view of this one

Anyhow, I seem to have contracted some form of¬†tendinitis/sore finger and hand type thing that I think I may have developed from spending too much time digitizing patterns and writing up notes…and using the touchpad on the laptop, rather than an actual old skool computer mouse

The upshot is that for the time being I have decided to spend as little time as possible working on digital patterns and notes, and concentrate on some new designs and sewing up some samples

Sewing in the sunshine

Lucky for me the sun has been out today so I did some sewing in the garden instead. The weather was so nice, I even had to put on some suncream!

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