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Sewing Quarter Anniversary

Well, this week has seen the first anniversary of my very first appearance on the Sewing Quarter! I really can’t believe where the time has gone and how much I have managed to produce in a year.

I really love working in the sewing industry. It’s allowing me to stretch the creative side of my brain and I have met so many creative, talented, enthusiastic and passionate people. It really is a privilege.

Where possible I have tried to take pictures of my projects as I go along. Sometimes it’s so busy in the studio it completely slips my mind and I’ll be half way home before I realise that I’ve forgotten to take a snap!

The pictures that I have remembered to take are in my Sewing Quarter Gallery, pop over and have a browse!

Did you catch the Sewing Quarter’s First Anniversary show on the 31st of January? There were some special projects and we had a bit of fun. You can watch it back on YouTube if you fancy a bit of a giggle!

If you have a burning desire to watch any of my shows (thanks Mum!) or you are looking to remember any of the tips and techniques that I have shared then I have created a playlist on my YouTube page

Stack of Hexies for my Sewing Quarter Story

Sewing Quarter Story

I am also trying to document my time on the Sewing Quarter by making hexies from the fabrics that I have worked with. I am somewhat behind with my making, but you can keep up to date by following #sewingquarterstory on instagram

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  • Congratulations. You deserve every bit of it. Love your sewing work.

    • Thank you Anna. I really do love being part of the Sewing Quarter team!


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