Simple Oxford Envelope Pillow Case: Tutorial
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Simple Oxford Envelope Pillow Case: Tutorial

Not so long ago I posted a quick tutorial about how to make a simple envelope style pillow case. I have since been on a pillow and cushion making mission as I update seemingly every room in the house.

For a few of the pillows I have adapted the simple envelope style pillow case pattern to create an Oxford pillow case/cushion cover.

Simple Housewife Pillow Case Tutorial

If you want to make a simple (non-frilled) Oxford pillow case follow the free tutorial for the simple envelope style pillow case…..however your measurements will change as follows:

(A x 2) + 8″ + 6″ by B+4 1/2″

Using my original pillow as an example, which was 14″x10″ my calculations are:

(14×2) + 8″ + 6″ = 42″ by 14 1/2″

Once you have reached the final step in the simple envelope style pillow case tutorial finish with the following step:

Housewife Pillow Case Sewing Guide

With a soluble fabric marker pen or chalk, mark a rectangle (or square) 2″ in from each edge. You may want to pin through both layers of fabric in a few places to stop it moving around. Top stitch along this line. Press and you’re done!

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